Main Dishes: Beans and Grains

Bowls: Quick Meals to Throw Together at the Last Minute

This is a list of recommendations rather than a recipe. Coupled with your intuition, you will be able to customize delicious Bowls for your family.


Chickpea and Broccoli Bowl with Tahini Sauce

Flavorful meal in a bowl that includes quinoa. Recipe and photo created by Susan Voisin.     Shopping List      Meal Suggestion


kale-chickpea-cashew2Cosmic Cashew Kale and Chickpeas with Confetti Quinoa Recipe

You can substitute any white beans for the cashews in this recipe. Truly a delicious way to prepare cooked greens. Recipe and photo by Susan Voisin.      Shopping List      Meal Suggestion


cumin-vegetable-quinoa-smCumin-Infused Vegetables and Chickpeas over Quinoa

Vegetables include eggplant, cauliflower and zucchini in this delicious meal created and photographed by Susan Voisin.

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Easy Summer BurritoEasy Summer Burritos

Made with peppery arugula to compliment Mexican flavors.

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Stuffed PeppersItalian-Flavored Stuffed Peppers

Seasonings include fennel seeds and thyme.

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enchilada-casseroleMexican Lasagna

This is an appealing recipe for kids and adults alike; created and photographed by Susan Voisin.


polenta-lasagnaPolenta Lasagna with Portabellas and Kale

Creamy filling with golden polenta layers. See recipe for Quick Microwave Polenta too. Both created and photographed by Susan Voisin.



raw kale jackson plateRaw Kale Jackson Plate

Based on Susan Voisin’s The Jackson Bowl with Vegan Comeback Sauce.


red-beans2Real Louisiana Red Beans and Rice

Humble ingredients dressed up with delicious spiciness. Recipe and photo by Susan Voisin.


chickpea-quinoa-curry2Ridiculously Easy Curried Chickpeas and Quinoa

Delicious and super quick. Recipe and photo by Susan Voisin.


charmoula-vegRoasted Vegetables with Tomato Charmoula and Quinoa

In this recipe, Susan Voisin substitutes tomatoes for oil to roast vegetables, with superb result.  Photo also by Susan.


spanish-rice Spanish Rice with Black Beans

We love the flavors of this dish in a burrito, though I always add another can of black beans for more protein. Another recipe and photo by Susan Voisin.      Shopping List      Meal Suggestion


Sloppy JoesSpicy Lentil Sloppy Joes

Adjust the heat to suit your family.


tempeh lettuce and tomato sandwichesTempeh, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwiches

Tasty, quick and easy. Recipe and photo by Susan Voisin.


thai-style-veg-curryThai-Style Vegetable Curry

Broccoli and sweet potatoes add lovely flavor and color. Recipe and photo by Susan Voisin.


curry-sauce-in-a-hurryVegan in a Hurry with Curry Sauce

This makes a nutritious, filling and tasty meal.

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Vegan Spring Rolls with Low-Fat Peanut Sauce

Typically served as an appetizer, but they are so good that you may want to eat enough for a meal.      Shopping List      Meal Suggestion


Basic Bean and Rice BowlWeekday Bean and Rice Bowl Recipe

This is a quick meal if you have canned or frozen beans and frozen rice available. We like Comeback Sauce on top, but salsa and soy sauce are also great.      Shopping List      Meal Suggestion