Blackberry CreamBlackberry Cream

This recipe of just four ingredients can be used as part of a parfait, as a dip for fresh fruit, or enjoyed as is.


Chocolate berry sorbetChocolate Berry Sorbet

No refined sugar, one gram of fat per delicious serving, and ready in 5 minutes.


Banana bread with fruit saladChocolate Date Banana Bread

Made with whole wheat pastry flour, cocoa powder and dates as the sweetener. One of our family favorites.


Chocolate Pudding-2Chocolate Pudding

The ingredients in this recipe are exactly the same as the ones for Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream. If you don’t freeze the mixture, you end up with a luscious pudding.



Five Minute Chocolate Peanut Soft Serve

One serving contains just one gram of fat but lots of deliciousness.

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ginger-biscottiGinger Biscotti

Crunchy cookie with fresh and ground ginger.

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peachesPeach Sorbet

A delicate and delicious dessert.



Plum SorbetPlum Sorbet

A simple preparation for a delicious summer fruit.



pumpkin-flanPumpkin Flans

Seasoned with autumn spices and sweetened with dates, this recipe is also very easy to make.

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rhubarb compoteRhubarb Compote

Sweetened with dates and flavored with oranges, this is lovely by itself, over oatmeal, and over Vegan Vanilla Date Ice Cream.


Chocolate Ice CreamVegan Chocolate Ice Cream

This takes 10 minutes to prepare plus time to chill and freeze. In addition to being quick and easy, it really tastes great. Another family favorite.



Vegan Fruitcake

Loaded with dried fruits and flavored with holiday spices, this is a delicious treat that is refined-sugar free.      Shopping List


vegan-pumpkin-ice-creamVegan Pumpkin Ice Cream

If you like anything with pumpkin in it, give this a try. Another vegan ice cream sweetened with dates.

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Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream

This perennial favorite can be made with fresh or frozen berries.

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Vegan Vanilla Ice CreamVegan Vanilla Date Ice Cream

No added fat or refined sugar and no cooking required. Especially lovely with seasonal fresh fruit.