How to Make a Vegetable Stock

To be perfectly honest, most of the time when a recipe calls for a stock or broth, I just substitute water and throw in some “no salt added seasoning” or increase the herbs and spices in the recipe. That’s because it’s difficult to find a stock or broth that doesn’t contain a great deal of salt, and what I can find is expensive and usually not very interesting.


However, for celebrations and holidays, I want everything to be extra special and delicious, and so I make my own Vegetable Stock with No Added Salt. Usually I’ll make it ahead of time and have it ready in the freezer. I use it for gravy, stuffing, soups, and all the other dishes needing some stock or broth.

Making a stock is easy. Just wash and chop some vegetables into 1” or so pieces, put into a big pot, add some herbs, cover with water, and simmer for an hour to an hour and a half. After cooling briefly, strain off the vegetables and pour your stock into containers.

You will find many recipes for stocks and broths online, including some that just use vegetable scraps. My opinion is that stocks made with scraps only are inconsistent in taste and quality and not worth the effort. For the most part, my scraps go into my compost. However, making a stock with fresh vegetables and mushrooms is costly, so do what’s best for you.