About Me

About Me PhotoWhen we moved to Washington, my husband, Chris, had to find a new doctor to get a refill for his heart disease medication. In addition to drugs, he was prescribed some reading material: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.

That doctor’s visit changed our lives. Dr. Esselstyn’s research was conclusive: We needed to follow a plant-based, whole-foods diet with no added fats. But more than that, we couldn’t ignore the findings of the book because of our doctor. When Chris challenged him with the question, “So are you a vegan?” He responded with patient kindness, “Yes, I am.”

Change can be difficult. I have always enjoyed cooking; it is one of the ways I express my love for Chris and others.  Yet some of my first attempts at cooking vegan dishes were okay, some were good, and too many were absolutely horrible.

That was about seven years ago, and since then I have spent countless hours learning how to cook vegan meals that are delicious and nutritious. Along the way I have learned that planning is absolutely necessary to get all the nutrients we need to stay healthy, no matter what diet you adhere to. I’d like to share my knowledge and experience with you, hoping that you can skip some of my missteps and save a whole lot of time.

Most of the recipes on my site are my own, and some are from people whose ideas helped me put delicious food on the table when we first started our vegan diet. I really feel thankful that I ran across their websites. Check out my Contributors page to see who these talented people are.

Whether you are looking for ideas for “Meatless Mondays,” or you follow a vegan diet due to heart disease, or you are here for any other reason, I hope you will find what meets your needs. Welcome! This is my way of spreading love beyond Chris, Alex, Alyssa, Zach, and Alysha, and the rest of my cherished family and friends.